Wealth Management

We offer bespoke investment solutions to our clients based on their desired asset diversification, required liquidity and pre-determined risk tolerance levels. Our aim is to preserve capital while delivering steady and consistent growth. Since inception, GFG’s focus has been on asset management for institutional and private clients. In creating funds and constructing portfolios, our wealth managers implement tried and tested strategies, with a disciplined approach to assessing and managing risk, thus achieving superior returns. Broadly-speaking, our strategies target capital growth over the medium to long term and we continuously strive to minimise risk and to optimise returns.

Our Wealth Management services can be divided into four core activities:

(1) Targeted portfolio construction

We determine asset allocation based upon the specific investment objectives and strategies of our clients by following an independent and systematic approach. When constructing a portfolio, we take into consideration the client’s:

  • financial position;
  • liquidity requirements;
  • investment goals; and
  • risk tolerance.

(2) Strategic & tactical asset allocation

The portfolio is continuously analysed and rebalanced in anticipation of, and in response to, market movements, in order to maintain the desired asset exposure.

(3) Portfolio manager selection

Our portfolio managers cover a very broad range of asset classes, geographies, and sectors with a high level of expertise within their chosen fields. As a result of GFG’s expansive network, our clients have access to top-tier fund managers and providers. Our method of fund selection is entirely independent with focus placed on the desired asset allocation, the relevant areas of interest and the associated fund managers who have expertise therein, the level of targeted returns, and the desired level of risk.

(4) Performance monitoring & evaluation

We provide our clients with regular, tailor-made, consolidated portfolio reports, including detailed performance analysis as well as evaluation relative to relevant targets and benchmarks.