Multi Asset Class Funds

AAA Funds

The AAA Funds is a family of flexible funds GFG designed to give its clients the desired Asset Allocation based on their risk/reward profile.
The funds are managed by GFG using an investment strategy which is the synthesis of different inputs, both qualitative and quantitative.

We believe financial quantitative model, market experience of our managers and research from external financial institution are complementary and fundamental aspects of the investing process.
The expression of this philosophy is a comprehensive and rigorous process which states how all these elements come together to produce a general Asset Allocation.
The funds is one of the GFG products which springs from the AAA model. GFG Active Asset Allocation model, AAA model, is a Multi-Asset Class Allocation with a high level of diversification via an exposure to 27 sub-asset classes completed by a rigorous selection process of single Funds.

IOF – Income Opportunity Fund

Income Opportunity is a UCITS V EUR Cautious Allocation Global fund, with a maximum exposure to equity not higher than 35% of the NAV. IOF is a compartment of the Efficiency Growth Fund (SICAV Luxembourger). The objective of the fund is to deliver annualized returns between 4% and 7% while focusing on drawdown risks in an environment characterized by extremely low rates and markets prone to significant episodes of volatility.

The fund offers daily liquidity.