Active Asset Allocation

GFG view on Asset Allocation is based on the concept that the portfolio allocation is more effectively achieved as the synthesis of different inputs, both qualitative and quantitative. We believe financial quantitative model, market experience of our professionals and research from external financial institution are complementary and fundamental aspects of the investing process. The expression of this philosophy is a comprehensive and rigorous process which states how all these elements come together to produce a general Asset Allocation.

GFG Monaco implements its investment philosophy in a defined, disciplined and multi-step asset allocation approach based on the AAA model. GFG Active Asset Allocation model, AAA model, is a Multi-Asset Class Allocation with a high level of diversification via an exposure to 27 sub-asset classes completed by a rigorous selection process of single names, Mutual Funds, ETFs, Alternative Funds, and other financial instruments.

The allocation process is built to take into consideration different risk profiles, according to the risk/reward needs of our clients and create a single, tailor-made portfolio.

Investing Profiles

Conservative IconConservative Profile

Growth IconGrowth Profile

Dynamic IconDynamic Profile

Aggressive IconeAggressive Profile

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