Advisory Services

GFG also provides fully independent advisory services. Our financial professionals are constantly operating in the financial markets and are able to offer expert advice across the following areas:

Client advisory

  • Direct and personal investment advice.
  • Fundamental, quantitative, and technical analysis across asset classes.
  • Construction of customised investment and hedging strategies utilising derivative products (options, futures, etc.).
  • Immediate execution on all major financial markets.

Portfolio analysis

  • Fees and commissions. In accordance with each client’s needs, GFG can identify the most suitable counterparty in order to minimise fees and commissions.
    The Group has strong relationships and significant negotiating power with many large financial institutions and is, therefore, able to obtain attractive rates for its clients.
  • Portfolio Risk Profile. GFG provides a complete analysis of the risk profile of clients’ portfolios. Risk tools analyse portfolios and identify optimal investment strategies.
  • Risk tolerance evaluation & control.
  • Portfolio consolidation.
  • Currency exposure.
  • Performance attribution and reporting.

Family office set up

  • Assistance in setting up a family office.
  • Strategic consulting for family offices.
  • Operational consulting related to administration, accounting and finance.
  • Organisational consulting for fiduciary services.